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Category Archives: Eden Fantasys

I received my first “Surprise Me” item from Eden today. It wont be long before I put the Torpedo from California Exotics to use. Stay Tuned for my review.

If your un-fimiliar with the what A “suprise me” gift is, it’s a free suprirse gift that is sent to product reviewers. If your interested in getting free toys to review, sign up here.



Read my Toyfluid Lubricant review @ Eden Fantasys!

Toyfluid from Fun Factory stands above the rest when close to 80% of lubricants fail this little lady! With a long list of things that normally disqualify a lube from ever being used again, Toyfluid makes the grade with an even longer list of pros!

Just got my Vegan Jaguar Harness in the mail!

With the exception of the priority mailing box it came in, a little bit of bubble wrap and a zip-lock bag, it came with NO PACAGING! Personly, I think it’s awesome that all of it is completelty recycable and I trashed nothing!

Stay tuned for my product review!

spanks and kisses,