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Pink Fur Handcuff by Pipedream Review:

FluffyPinkHandcuffs-300Did someone ask for a sweet dominatrix? If your an advanced BDSM player or like rough, these probably aren’t the best suited handcuffs for you. Although my boyfriend likes when I take control, he likes even more if I don’t actually inflict any pain or fear. That said, these cuffs are perfect for our playful nights.

The fo-fur on these cuffs is extremely soft and pleasing to the touch. When locked on the first click, you can freely move your wrist around with no discomfort. At the last click (the tightest setting) they will give you a little pinch but are not painful unless things get rowdy.

If you like the feel of cold mettle, the fur is also removable! I consider this a two in one purchase for sure!

My *BEE* rating (if your viewing this review on Eden Fantasys) is in reference to the clicking sound it makes when you are tightening the handcuffs. It’s defiantly loud enough for both parties to hear but not obnoxious or embarrassing like a loud vibrator. I actually like the sound of the clicks.

Design: When the fur is removed, these are as standard as the get. The chain has three links, there is a key hole on each wrist and they are adjustable to fit.

FIT: At the first click (loosest setting) the widest part of the opening is 2 3/4 inches. This leaves more than enough room for either of us (with small wrist) to escape. They are adjustable up to 9 clicks. The widest part of the 9th click is 2 inches. It now fits my wrist very tightly. Note: the opening is not round, its more oval and the as you tighten them the shape is like an eye.

Material: The handcuffs themselves are made of very study metal. I have had them for about two years and don’t see any noticeable tarnish, rust or otherwise. The “fur” is fo-fur (that’s fake). It is extremely soft. The Keys are, to the best of my knowledge, metal but with a matted finish that makes it look like plastic.

These handcuffs continue to meet our expectations. The settings and versatility make it possible for us to incorporate them into all sorts of playtime from very light bondage to serious prisoner situations. We bring them out time after time with much excitement.

We like to cuff each other to the bed post sometimes. Be careful if you have a nice bed since these are metal and can damage. We also have a pillar type thing that we can cuff each other to in a standing position. This works great for blow jobs.

If anyone ever escapes it’s because a) we both have tiny wrist and b) we have a predetermined setting so no one gets hurt. These will however, hold someone in a way the can not escape.

If they require a clean-up, it’s a snap. Remove the fur, and wipe the mettle with any kind of disinfectant wipes. If you wet them, make sure they dry completely to avoid rust. When cleaning the fur, use soft soap (regular liquid laundry detergent work fine) and cool water. WAS BY HAND! If you put fur in the washing washing it can fall apart. You can then use your hair dryer to dry it…this technique will keep it soft and fluffy. If you lay it flat to dry, the fur can stick to itself and loose its appeal.

Store this separate from your toys that tend to collect lint as the furs do shed. It comes with two keys, I like to store one with the handcuffs inserted into the key hole. The extra key is stored in a specific place that I’m sure not to forget. This is just for peace of mind.

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